How To Get Whatever You Want…Seriously!


What if I told you there is a way to make anything you want a reality? It sounds really cliché and motivation poster worthy, but it’s something I’ve actually experienced and figured out and wanted to share with you. It’s way more simple than you would ever believe and I wish I had learned this at a younger age! It all comes down to three little words, manifesting, the subconscious, and belief.

My “spiritual journey” started when I was living in NYC. I became best friends with a girl who opened my eyes to Reiki, crystals, sage, and basically turned me into a glorified hippy for a while. When she first started talking about energy work, sage-ing your house, and how crystals have energy I thought she was insane.   I used to be one of those “I’ll believe it when I see it” type of people, but after the many miracles that followed I was a believer.

My friend started with baby steps by giving me the book “The Secret”, by Rhonda Bryne. As I sat on a bench in Madison Square park, halfway finished with the book, I came across a little test where you proclaim a quote by Einstein stating “the universe is a friendly place” (and you have to believe it while proclaiming). It sounded ridiculous to me, but I was trying to be open. The next two minutes shook me to my core. Out of nowhere a very obviously homeless man approached me.   My first instinct was to go to another bench because in New York you never quite know what’s going to happen when a stranger gets into your personal space. He stared at me, pulled out a perfect single rose out of his crushed, dirty bag of belongings, and handed me the rose with a smile and then walked away. WHAT….THE…..HELL?? Several people around me all saw the interaction and stared with disbelief. I sat there for a few moments trying to make sense and process that strange magical moment and then decided to walk home. Ironically in my state of awe I left my copy of the book sitting on the bench by accident. I’ve always secretly hoped that someone else was meant to find it and it would change their life too.

After witnessing a miracle like that, my friend convinced me to write a list of everything I wanted and we laid on the floor and did a mastermind manifesting session one night. We listened to guided meditations as we laid on our dirty apartment floors and looked completely ridiculous.   But guess what? Everything on that list, with the exception of one thing, is mine! That one other thing I know is coming, it just didn’t materialize as quickly as the other stuff.

So how does it work? It all has to do with your subconscious. I have read way too many books that talk about the subconscious, because it is beyond fascinating. I want go in to too much detail, but I’ll leave some book recommendations at the bottom. Your subconscious is that small voice inside, your intuition, your ability to breath and pump blood and heal wounds and countless other things that are out of your conscious control. In your conscious state you take in information and process it, but your subconscious is where the magic happens. Whatever you can convince your subconscious to believe will change your reality. To put it basically change your beliefs, change your reality.

So how can you create everything you want in your life? Everyone has their own process of how they go about creating, but I will give you a few tricks and tips and ways to get started. Start small, if you go too big too quickly you might not be able to fully believe and then you’ll start to doubt yourself and be right back where you started. Make a list of 3 things to start that you really desire and BELIEVE you can have. Meditate, get out of your conscious mind, and feed your subconscious through images and imagination. Believe it is happening and let go! Get into a state of gratitude and you’ll receive more things to be grateful for. Don’t push too hard and just enjoy the process of creating your life!

Don’t forget to check out my Youtube video on some crazy things that I have created like $6,000, flying first class, and a MacBook Pro!


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