Model Secrets For Glowing Skin | 6 Tips I’ve Learned As A Model

In addition to my blog and Youtube channel I work as a model and actress in LA. I’ve shot national campaigns for Bud light, Pepsi, NFL, Tostitos, Swimways, TV shows and more! I wanted to let you in on some amazing tips and tricks I’ve learned while being on set, and some things I’ve learned from other models as well.

This one is obvious, but sleep is one of the BEST things you can do for your body. Although 6-8 hours is “recommended”, I could honestly sleep for 12+ hours if that was socially acceptable. Consider me a toddler when it comes to sleep, I am unpleasant to be around when I don’t have enough of it. With that being said, I do know that a lot of people struggle to fall and stay asleep, but I do have a great tip that I learned from a esthetician in South Florida. Try putting a drop or two of pure lavender essential oil onto a cotton ball and slide it into your pillowcase. The lavender should help calm your nervous system and help you fall and stay asleep. I love the doTERRA brand, its 100% aromatherapy grade and promotes calmness and relaxation.

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#5- Water

Water is an essential part of living!  It keeps all of your organs hydrated, and your skin is your biggest organ, so you will definitely notice an effect.  The more water you drink, the more hydrated you are, and the more hydrated you are the more hydrated your skin looks and feels.  Water makes you glow from within!



#4- Evian Facial Water Spray

I cannot travel without this!  I also live in very dry, desert-y, Southern California, and this spray is amazing!  It is an ultra fine mist that absorbs into your skin creating extra moisture.  It enhances the performance of your skin care routine, relieves irritation, and removes the traces of chlorine and fluoride from your face after washing with normal water.  This spray is inexpensive, and a great staple year round for some added moisture.


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#3-  Exfoliate!

For some reason, in the past, I never thought exfoliating was necessary.  I don’t know if I thought I was just special, or that I had magical skin, but I now know that exfoliating is a KEY part of keeping your skin healthy.  Exfoliating gets rid of all of the excess skin, dirt, and oil trapped in your pores while stimulating your skin to enhance your glow.  I have tried a lot of exfoliants, but by far HANDS DOWN, my favorite is the Cranberry Commage from Arcona.  Not only does it smell amazing, but it cleanses, tones, and purifies your skin with volcanic minerals, jojoba, and natural cold pressed ingredients! (Another great Arcona exfoliant I love is the Vitamin A Complex, it’s a nightly serum that has glycolic acid and retinol to prevent and reverse signs of aging.


Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 3.41.01 PM


Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 3.46.43 PM

#2- Dandelion Tea

Why don’t more people know about this secret, magical, mystical “water weight” loss tea? Dandelion tea is a healthy natural diuretic that helps get rid of bloating and extra water weight by flushing your kidneys.  If you are puffy, bloated, hormonal, or swollen, dandelion tea will work wonders for you.  It also makes your skin glow and it’s caffeine free.  I always drink dandelion tea before a shoot, it’s a miracle worker!  (I am not a doctor, so always check first with your medical care provider before trying any new teas, and as always drink in moderation, and buy organic if possible!)


Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 3.52.32 PM

#1- Egyptian Magic

I am obsessed with Egyptian Magic it is an anti-aging potion creating by the ancient Egyptians, mystics, and healers.  It is made with all natural ingredients, and balances production of facial oils, creating healthy glow-y skin.  It’s a natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory that can be used for SO many skin conditions.  I like to apply this to my face before I go to bed 3-4 nights a week.  Just a heads up, you will look greasy and disgusting after you put this on…it has the same thick-gooey consistency of vaseline, but it magically absorbs into your skin while you sleep and you wake up with healthy beautiful skin.  Despite the fact that it is made with olive oil, beeswax, honey, bee propolis, and royal jelly, it does NOT cause breakouts even with the thick consistency.  Egyptian Magic is a legendary secret among celebrities, doctors, naturopaths, and plastic surgeons. I’ve also heard of people using this for stretch marks during pregnancy!


Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 4.02.28 PM

I hope you enjoy these 6 secrets to glowing skin!

Mary Kate 



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