How I Got Into Club 33….And What It’s Really Like

I recently got to dine at the ultra exclusive Club 33 at Disneyland…and it beyond surpassed my expectations.  There are is so much history and endless rumors circling this infamously secret club, but from what we were told, it was a private place that Walt Disney himself used to dine with and entertain dignitaries and VIP’s.  These days you’ll find celebrities, influential business people, and even presidents dining at “Le Grand Salon”.

I dined at Club 33 to celebrate my “west coast” bachelorette party with two of my bridesmaids.  (Side note: I am truly lucky to have some of the best friends in the entire world, who went above and beyond for my TWO bachelorette parties!…I had both an “east coast” and “west coast” bachelorette.)

Our reservation was for 6:30 pm, which gave us enough time for our 3 hour dinner (yes 3 hours and 5 courses), and it gave us time to go on rides after!  The Club 33 entrance door is right in the middle of New Orleans square. I have probably walked by that door dozens of times and never even knew it was there, which adds to the secretive nature of the club.  We rang the small buzzer next to the door, gave them the name on our reservation, and they buzzed us in.  We were there on a BUSY day in July, and NOTHING was more refreshing that walking out of the crowds and craziness into the beautiful and quiet courtyard of Club 33.  Upon entering Club 33 you’re immediately in The Court of Angels, a beautiful courtyard with peaceful waterfalls and a majestic staircase leading up into the dining room.  While we waited in The Court of Angels, the hosts brought us fresh lemon water, and offered to take a few pictures for us on the staircase, and in front of the stained glass in the courtyard.

Once it was time, we were escorted up the staircase and into the dining room, where we were offered a full tour of the Club.  The upstairs host even offered to let me sign the guestbook, which was strangely exciting.

Signing the guestbook.

After signing the guestbook, they brought us to our table which was beautifully decorated and adorned with the “33” logo.  Once seated, we began to look over the cocktail list; Club 33 is the ONLY place in Disneyland that serves alcohol, so we each ordered a Moscow Mule.

With cocktails in hand, we began to make our menu selections for all five courses.  Each course was served with butlers that surround your table and simultaneously place each item down at the same time.  I’m sorry to say that I lost track of each course that I tried, but I will say that the ambiance, food, and presentation all lived up to Club 33’s five star rating.


One of my favorite little touches was in between a few of the courses, our server brought me a few little presents because I was celebrating my bachelorette party.  The first was a “Happily Ever After” pin that Disney Parks had discontinued years ago.  He had no idea that I had actually tried to find this pin when I first got engaged, and was told they no longer make it.  It must have been a little Disney magic at work….along with some Club 33 influence.  The next was a beautiful Club 33 card adorned with a navy ribbon and the inside of the card was signed by all the staff working that night.  The last present was a bag of assorted macaroons with a little ribbon on it;  I am not normally a macaroon person, but these happen to be the best I’ve ever tried.  They also put a “Congratulations” chocolate emblem on top of my last dessert course which was a sweet touch!

On to my absolute FAVORITE part of the night- right as we got our dessert course, we heard the beginning of Fantasmic starting and were able to watch the entire show from our private balcony with a glass of wine in hand.  We had the whole balcony to ourselves, and were high above all the crowds and chaos below…and the wine didn’t hurt either.  THAT to me was the definition of exclusivity, and being able to have that moment with two of my best friends is an unforgettable experience.  I now understand, and can (somewhat) justify that $25,000 price tag to join and $10,000 a year after, along with the 15 year waitlist.

At the end of our dinner and our private Fantasmic viewing, my friend bought us some beautiful Club 33 shot glasses in the lobby.  Because we were going to be staying at the park and going on rides, Club 33 packaged them up and had them sent to the park exit so we wouldn’t have to carry them around all night. Club 33 merchandise can ONLY be purchased from the actual club.  You can’t get Club 33 items anywhere else, so I’m glad I was able to take home a little piece home with me.

A few last things to mention, don’t forget to check out the bathroom.  It is decorated SO beautifully, and there is an amazing lounge chair that you need to try out for yourself.

Lounge chair in the bathroom!

There are also miniature mouthwashes and paper towels with the 33 emblem.  Take lots of pictures…it is nearly impossible to capture all the details, but having pictures helps!  Last tip is let them know if you’re celebrating something, they truly go over the top to help you celebrate.

Club 33 is more than just a restaurant, it’s an unforgettable experience that I hope you get to try out for yourself!

xoxo Mary Kate